Working with Platelist

There is a major difference having your clients on your database and them using your restaurant tools instead of paying a third party 15% up to 35% for each order .



Responsive Web Page

Your restaurant deserves to be on top. Get your brand out there for everyone to access from their computers, tablets, or phones to attract more customers and increase your revenue and net profits. Your web page will be created on latest technologies for SEO optimization.



Dedicated Mobile App

A well equip App that aims to increase your customer Loyalty, available on IOS and Android. Easy to use App with benefits of ordering and gain information such as birthdays, suggest to a friend and receive notifications for various reasons or wether their order is accepted or not.



Administrator Dashboard

Here you can manage one or more restaurants, each of them has unique information and everything is dynamic. You can add / update / delete or disable temporary menu items, assign delivery zones and fees, a dashboard to keep track of all your customers and orders, run various campaigns which are automated for specific purpose, indeed there are endless features that can benefit your business



Point of Sale (POS)

Our Software is designed to work on any IOS / Android tablet, It serves as an accumulator for online and offline orders, it can accept or reject orders from all other platforms, it can control features and menus at any time.



SEO & Optimization

During the creation of your restaurant information and menus, a manner for top ranking data entry will be applied, meaning your information will be dynamic and optimized and this will lead your restaurant on top ranks online.

The advantages of Platelist

Take a look at your competitive advantage when you use Platelist for direct online ordering...

How much does it cost my restaurant?
PlatelistFlat Rate Starting at $89/Month for Unlimited Orders
Other Platforms15% - 35% Per Order
How long will it take to receive online ordering funds?
Platelist1 Business Day (Direct Bank Deposits)
Other platforms7-30 days
How do I receive my direct online orders?
PlatelistPOS Integration, Mobile Notification, IP Printout, Email, Fax, Text Message, or Tablet
Other platformsTablet or Fax
Can I market to my customers?
PlatelistYes! The Platelist Administrator Dashboard Offers Various Campaigns of promotions, an Email Marketing Suite Along with Coupon & Retention Tools
Other platforms
Do I own customer data?
Other platforms
Can I access my menu, reporting, and customer list?
Other platforms
Can I make my own updates?
Other platforms
Am I required to agree to a long-term contract?
Other platforms
Will my restaurant own a independent Web site such as
Other platforms
Can you help me with a branded mobile app?
Other platforms